Bob is the VP of Product Evolution and Retail Metamorphosis at Wired. His parents knew he was different, when at his 4th birthday party, he opened all his presents with unnerving care and attention to detail. Bob walked away from the gifts with the wrapping paper and ribbon held aloft and a clear passion in life: to package things to the highest standard.

Having graduated from Boxford with a first in stamp licking and tape sticking, Bob was ready for his next adventure which would take him to the spiritual home of Mount Hako in the Kitami Mountains. Here he met senpai Master Ena Uchiyama who taught Bob the discipline of Kratee. The next three years are still a mystery lost to time, but all we know is he protects our products, hand checks every package and performs a ceremonial jig for each one that gets dispatched.

Packed By Bob

Every shop order is carefully checked and packed by Bob. The sacred Wired dance is performed and blessings are made. It's his mission that the same care, love and passion that went into making our games, goes into ensuring players receive the games quickly, efficiently and with love.

Our Products

From the digital rewards we place into our games, to the premium materials and design. Wired believes in celebrating our games, developers, people and players. Every Wired release is fully crafted in house and created in limited numbers. This store and its products aren't a large commercial exercise, but a collection of items we're really passionate about that we think either deserve to be played, held or cherished.

Order Journey

From the moment you click or tap order, you are instantly connected to Bob (via some wireless matrix-style voodoo connection), who instantly becomes your BFF and sets about checking your order; packing it with extra love, each and every time.

Crafted with Passion

Bob spends months researching ideas for every release. From the materials used to the product itself, ensuring what we sell is a celebration of our games and is something that a gamer should truly have in their collection.


Hand Picked & Packed

Your order arrives and Bob checks all is Ok via his OrderChecker2000 device, scanning each product in the warehouse, triple checking its quality and preparing premium shipping boxes. Every day Bob carries out random drop tests, to ensure our products will arrive in mint condition.

Added Love

The sacred dance is not a myth. Bob perfected the dance through years of training; knowing the positive vibes and blessing it brings to gamers can be truly life transforming. From the moment you open your package, the transfer of energy will start and typically can be felt within 5 to 8 minutes.

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