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We have received reports from some players alleging they had experienced what is now known as ThumbBurn™, following extended play sessions of the new DlC for Arcade Paradise.


These players all feature in the global online leaderboards and have been button-bashing for a significant amount of time without breaks. Whilst there is no scientific proof that ThumbBurn™ exists, nor does Wired Productions accept liability for any allegations of ThumbBurn™ occurring as a result of playing Arcade Paradise, they do take the thumb safety of all players seriously as such Wired has released a limited number of Thumb Guards, free of charge via the Wired Productions online store. These are available on a strictly first thumb, first served basis.

"When Vostok Inc. came out on Switch, I got sore thumbs from playing it too much. Now I’ve got sore thumbs from playing Arcade Paradise too much. Damn you @nosebleedgamesand your amazing, addictive games."
- @GeriatricGamer

This issue coincides with the release of the Kung Fury: Street rage DLC.
available now on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo switch.

Watch the Kung Fury: Street Rage DLC trailer below.

What happens when the '90s meets the 80's?

Kung Fury: Street Rage!

From Nosebleed Interactive In collaboration with award-winning indie studio Hello There Games, creators of the critically acclaimed AVICII Invector comes a licensed in-game cabinet available for Arcade Paradise!

The cult hit with score-chasing gamers, Kung Fury: Street Rage sits alongside over 35 original games created by Nosebleed Interactive.

It's 1985 and violence is raging in the streets of Miami, it's gonna take the toughest martial artist cop and 3 hard as nails enforcers from across space AND time to clean them up!

  • Choose Your Fighter! Pick from 4 characters each with their own unique abilities, playstyles and durability to start taking out the trash as you chase that high score!
  • Fight Waves Of Enemies Use intense two-button arcade action to DEVASTATING bone-crunching effect, easy to pick up - hard to master as the waves get faster and more diverse!
  • Go back to the 80s Authentic retro-arcade gameplay and VHS aesthetics - with a synth soundtrack to beat down to provided by Swedish electro sensations, Mitch Murder and Joel Eriksson.

Bring The Fury to your Arcade! Turn up the heat with KUNG FURY: STREET RAGE - available as this sweet new cabinet in Arcade Paradise DLC, with new goals, objectives and leaderboards!

Thumb guards are limited to one per customer and multiple orders will be declined. 

This offer only applies to the UK and USA.

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